About CliniClowns

'Pleasure and joy for every child!'

In the early years, CliniClowns Foundation the Netherlands only performed for seriously ill children. Meanwhile the field of activity of CliniClowns has extended and now includes children’s wards of more than 101 hospitals and other care institutions. No longer is a distinction made relating to the nature of the illness or the duration of the admission. We also perform for disabled children nowadays.

Other productions

However, children in need can also be found in places other than hospitals. Many of them are nursed/cared for at home or reside in institutions for paediatric rehabilitation and disability care. CliniClowns is eager to reach these children also. Hence we are always busy developing new services to offer distraction and joy to more sick or disabled children.

Plans for the future

Currently CliniClowns, through its services, reaches a third of all sick or disabled children. CliniClowns mainly reaches them through ‘CliniClowns op Bezoek’ a service in which our clowns visit the children in the hospitals. In the next 4 years, CliniClowns wants to increase its radius and reach an audience of 50% through its new services Neuzenroode.nl, 'de Theatertour' and 'De Speelkoffer', among and other new productions. This is very ambitious, yet fortunately, also realistic.