About CliniClowns

By bringing sincere contact and imagination, the CliniClowns bring resilience and lightness to sick and handicapped children and people living with dementia. 

This is our positive contribution within healthcare and to the wellbeing of people within vulnerable situations. We believe that being yourself is of great value. Especially within difficult situations. The power of the CliniClowns is creating contact with full attention and really connecting with the people they meet. A mutual respectful meeting, by searching together for what the person càn do. The CliniClowns acknowledge the reality and the need of the other and invite to play with whatever imagination and story arises at that specific moment. 

Precious moments
We create precious moments with the children and elderly.  We make them feel better. They relax, are more positive and experience a decrease of feelings of anxiety. Also the clowns can change feelings of uncertainty, loneliness and isolation.